•  Ask Michelle questions… Most issues and questions have come up before, and legislation is constantly evolving. Michelle has the experience to guide you through what may be an unfamiliar process.
  • Use a solicitor for your purchase or sale… They understand the correct procedure for property conveyance and the legal requirements of the Seller and Buyer including time limitations.
  • Shop around for the best finance deal… There are variations in the interest rates, account types, costs and facilities available from any lender; and many more across all the lenders. We can put you in contact with our in-house finance broker who can simultaneously look across all the available options and short-list the most suitable options for you to choose from. Let Michelle know and she will put you in touch.


  • Leave things too late… Whether Selling or Buying, things take time:
    • Selling requires documentation to be completed, photography ordered, advertising to be booked, property advertising copy to be approved, and more; all before any potential Buyer sees the property.
    • Buying at Auction requires your inspections to be completed, and any required finance to be approved, prior to the Auction.
    • All these things take time, so it’s best to start early. So whether you’re selling or buying, talk to us about what you need to do and the timeframes you need to allow yourself.
  • Keep your interest in a property a secret… There are numerous cases of buyers playing the secret waiting game only to find the property sold without them getting a look-in. We can only know what we know. So if you’re interested in a property, make your interest known.

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