No doubt you’ve heard stories of brewing coffee or baking bread during an open home. While these things do create a lovely aroma and make Michelle salivate, they do also make a home feel homely.

Please note that the items below don’t need to be done before Michelle meets you for an appraisal on your home. Michelle has been advising owners on how to present their properties for 15 years and almost always it’s before these things are done.


Here are a few simple steps to presentation success and making your home’s first impression count:

  • De-clutter – it not only makes spaces feel their full size, it lets more light in and allows potential buyers to move around more freely. Being able to see rooms at their best also makes it easier for buyers to mentally place their furniture.
  • Repair & paint – every home gets a few bumps and bruises; a few little painting touch ups go a long way.
  • Gardens – we spend a lot of time outdoors and families make great use of outdoor spaces, so bring your gardens and lawns to life and you’ll be casting your net much wider.
  • Light and bright – open curtains, turn on lights in bathrooms and other areas that would benefit, and open windows to let the spring breezes in.

If you need something done for you, that’s okay… we have long-standing relationships with reliable and affordable tradespeople, builders, specialist area renovators (kitchens, bathrooms, garages), landscapers and garden maintenance businesses that we’re happy to put you in touch with. We work with people we know and trust.

We are often asked about renovations, and that’s a topic for another section!