Whether it’s your first time selling your home or you’ve experienced a moved before, changes in legislation and compliance can mean the process is unfamiliar and potentially daunting.

We believe you are placing trust in us to deal with one of your most significant assets, if not your most significant asset. We see our role as not limited to selling your home, rather we see our role extends to helping you through each stage during this often emotional time and to help make it as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Our strength lies in our ability to empathise with our vendors and to get to the heart of what they specifically wish to achieve.

Step 1

Contact Michelle as soon as you are considering selling. It’s never too early to call.
Step 2

Discuss with Michelle your timing, preferences of strategy, and any other considerations you may need such as maintenance to your property, legal advice, property styling and market reach.
Step 3

Appoint Michelle to sell your home to begin the process. Michelle and the extended team of professionals can assist in preparing your property for sale in a timely manner.
Step 4

Michelle implements the strategy and launches your property to the market
Step 5

Michelle sells your home and guides you to a stress-free settlement

To discuss the sale of your home with Michelle, call Michelle directly on 0418 787 312 or by clicking here to complete your details that will be emailed to Michelle. Naturally, all discussions are treated with the utmost confidentiality.